Your privacy is a priority for us.

We make it a point of honor to keep all the personal data you entrust to us optimally secure.

  • We protect, based on particularly strict security and trust standards, any information you share with us.
  • We only collect data that is indispensable for providing optimal quality that meets your requirements.
  • Only those employees who need it for their work will have access to your personal data.
  • We guarantee control of the confidentiality of the personal data in our possession.
  • We strive to keep your information complete and up to date.
  • On a voluntary basis, you may provide us with personal information in order to optimize your contact with us.
    We use this information, in particular your e-mail address, to respond to your requirements in the best possible way.
  • In no way do we make personal information available to third parties. Unless we are required to do so by law.
  • We are always willing to provide access to your data, make changes or delete data if you request this.
    We also offer you the opportunity to view, change or delete your data.
    We may ask you to identify yourself, so that no one else can delete your data just like that.
  • Sales Leadership Academy's visitor/customer data is not reported to the Dutch Data Protection Authority under the Personal Data Protection Act (WBP). The acquisition of this data by Sales Leadership Academy is covered by the Guidance on Exemption Decree Paragraph 3: Exemption 10. (Article 12 Exemption Decree) and Handreiking Vrijstellingsbesluit Paragraph 8. Management and security: Exemption 31. (Article 33 Exemption Decree).

Sales Leadership Academy and its shareholders believe it is of utmost importance that you know how carefully we handle your data. That is why we have created this strict privacy statement.

If you have any questions about this, send us an e-mail. Or take contact us.