Is (International) Certification for Senior Account Managers, Sales Managers and Sales Executives important?

The Sales Leadership Academy's postgraduate sales courses, in addition to earning a post-high school diploma, can lead to globally recognized SMEI Sales Registry titles at two levels:

  • The Register title SCPS™ applies to Senior Account Managers who have demonstrated compliance with global standards.

  • The Register title CSE® is intended for Sales Executives and Sales Manager who have demonstrated compliance with globally set standards for being able to lead a sales team.

With these registration titles you can show, tested by an independent worldwide operating professional organization, that you have mastered your profession at a high level. You distinguish yourself as a sales professional and claim the recognition that comes with your proven competencies.

(International) Worldwide recognition of your sales competencies

Every account manager and sales manager, with a few years of experience, claims to be a professional. But ... where does this professionalism actually show up?

'Number of years of experience' doesn't say much, properly speaking. What matters is the question, "To what extent have you demonstrably developed? And those fancy job titles, showing off on your LinkedIn profile with a list of everything you were responsible for underneath, what does that really say? When you see this, ask the question, "What were the accomplishments? Perhaps the person in question with those fancy titles and underlying responsibilities performed very mediocre or ergo during those periods....

As in all other major fields, for example, health care, accounting, insurance, banking, and law, you can expect a professional to have demonstrable relevant training. That the professional has the most current knowledge in the field, practical experience. That the professional is highly aware of the ethical standards to perform the sales profession in a professional manner.

In the healthcare, accountancy, insurance, banking and legal professions, for example, these professions have chosen to work with register titles. Registertitles, which you only keep when you continue to develop demonstrably even after obtaining a diploma. But what about the sales profession?

"The SMEI, the world's largest sales and marketing association, which has been providing Sales Certifications (and Sales Registry titles) worldwide since the 1980s. For nearly 50 years, SMEI has set the tone for Sales Professionalism among the sales teams of many fortune 500 global players worldwide."

A Sales Register Title from SMEI gives stakeholders within the commercial arena, such as customers, colleagues and other stakeholders, the assurance that they are dealing with a professional who can help any organization be more successful. It brings you the recognition you deserve and helps you excel in the sales profession.

What else does a Sales Registry title bring you?

With independent recognition of your sales or sales management competencies, you increase your personal market value. It enables your environment - for example, clients, your superiors and future employers - to objectively determine that you should be taken more seriously than others. Thus, it has a positive impact on your success and career prospects.

When choosing SMEI Sales Certification, there are 3 more good reasons to do so.

  1. The sales profession is constantly evolving.

    Knowledge of the latest developments, methods and techniques is in our global economy are an important success factor for you personally and your organization. Too often, especially sales professionals and managers with more than 10 years remain stagnant in their development. They talk this up on the basis of past successes. That is why you often see that the 45+ person in sales is on his way out, while he still has 20+ years of work ahead of him. This is not because of age, but because of the lack of awareness that they need to keep developing. Obtaining an SMEI Sales Register title not only shows that you have achieved a high level of knowledge, but also that you keep it up to date.

  2. 'Like it, or not' ... Sales is an international profession.

    Your current (or future) market or industry is not limited to the Netherlands and does not only follow Dutch sales & marketing standards. Sales principles are at their core universal, but the application of these universal sales principles can be very different in international regions and countries.

    Even if your customers are only located within national borders, it is likely that the value chain within your sector crosses national borders. Factors within the international playing field, such as pandemics or regional conflict, affect the commercial relationships between these links within the value chain. Understanding how and why these factors affect commerce within these international links within your value chain can give you a competitive advantage.

  3. As a Sales Professional, chances are that you will be working for an international company at some point.

    Many professionals who work for a typical national company think that this opportunity is not so bad. However, they often do not realize that at some point they may be bought by a holding company abroad. Sometimes in such a case, it may seem that the locally based company can continue to operate "autonomously" regionally. Yet directives will frequently come from the holding company that are not always understood regionally. Often the cause lies in not sufficiently understanding that internationally operating organizations sometimes view regional values and standards of behavior differently. You don't have to agree with these other values and norms, but at least understanding them will help you tremendously.

    "The Netherlands is currently economically the most globalized country in the world. Currently, more than 60% of our gross national product depends on international trade and 1 in 5 jobs in the Netherlands are derived from it."

So with an eye on your success and your career, having an (international) sales certification will give you more opportunities and an edge over others