Postgraduate Sales courses and "Sales Register Title Programs.

Keeping up with our beautiful profession is no longer enough. The developments in sales, both inside and outside the Netherlands, are going fast. Employers set increasingly high standards for the modern (Senior) Account Manager and Sales Manager. How do you prove that you are the sales professional who does meet the highest demands?

With an internationally recognized Post-HBO Diploma from the Sales Leadership Academy, you'll make an objective difference. We even have a variant that leads to a globally recognized SMEI Sales Certification. You can then add the globally recognized registration titles CSE® for Sales Managers or SCPS™ for Senior Account Managers to your name. This will distinguish you as a professional and claim the recognition that comes with your proven competencies.

Our courses

Account Management

Post-HBO/Academic Account Management (SCPS™).

Our postgraduate account management courses are unique in the Netherlands. Where other trainers stop, we go deeper. And at least as important, there is no sales course in the Netherlands where so much attention is paid to your specific practice.


Sales Management

Post-HBO/Academic Sales Management (CSE®).

Are you a sales manager? And do you want to perform at top level with your sales team? Get a better grip on the sales process? Improve your leadership skills? Gain knowledge that you can immediately put into practice? Then follow the internationally accredited postgraduate sales management course.