'Your Way of Selling' with an Incompany Sales Training or Education Program

"The true business of every company is to get, keep and develop more customers," is what Peter F. Drucker once said. Sales is the aorta of every business, at the same time....

The familiar environment in which we were used to excel has completely changed in a very short time. Take for example the new role of AI and ChatGPT. If your sales team doesn't know how to handle this smartly, things could get very difficult. There is more....

What will be the new "normal"? How can you best deal with and anticipate an unpredictable complex competitive market? What changes are needed to better arm your people for this and allow them to excel? How do you ensure that managers develop into 'Coaching Leaders' who know how to get the best out of their team? Leaders who are followed by the employees not because they have to, but because the employees intrinsically want this. Employees grow with the changing circumstances and can do more with the same or perhaps fewer resources. That your people and managers, become better than your competitors' people? That you as an organization become more attractive to the right people and they like to stay with your organization? Challenges that many organizations are struggling with in these new times.

Conforming to a standard sales education or training program is not very smart. Your company, your management, your people and your market are not standard. It's always better to tailor a training or education program to your specific situation. That's why we call it "Your Way of Selling.

What does an Incompany Sales Training or Education Program provide?

Customized training or course , is best used when participants need to achieve a common goal. When it is necessary for people to speak the same language and use the same methods. If collaboration is a prerequisite, then an Incompany Sales Training or course is the investment with by far the greatest return.

Higher efficiency

  • Predictable results: together with you we formulate the results to be achieved.
  • Customization: each part of the training is designed with your daily practice in mind
  • Cost-effective: the investment in time and money is relatively lower, with greater returns.
  • Efficient: jointly working on the knowledge and skills needed for success
  • Anchored: together we build a 'Your Sales Playbook' with established insights and processes you can build on.

The aorta of your business is "Finding, engaging and developing customers," when this stagnates, everything becomes very difficult.

Flexible, support for (sales) management, and perfect for international teams

We can offer all of our programs hybrid (on-site and online, simultaneously if necessary). This means that your people nationally or internationally do not have to be in the same place. All our sessions are recorded and can be watched back later. Not only practical when one of the team members cannot attend, but also because of the 'Forget curve'.

Support for (sales) management and the team

We always provide additional 'tooling' and support for the managers to really get the team moving after a meeting. So that afterwards it doesn't become, 'We drink a glass, do a pee and it's back to the way it was...'

In addition, we like to help management become better leaders with our Master classes Exclusively for (Sales) Managers & Sales Executives.. We don't just put the word ('sales') in brackets here. In these master classes, we offer insights and skills that apply to every manager or executive, whether they are in sales or not. On Top, we offer personal coaching for the executives, manager(s) and team members, because knowing and wanting something are the first two steps. The third step :'DOING', is what it is all about in the end and that is 'easier said than done...'.

The Sales Leadership Academy has a solid reputation

Built up through 25 years of high level consulting, executive interim jobs and mentoring hundreds of trainees at all levels in large international organizations and small local businesses. We have designed many customized sales training courses and courses that enable organizations to achieve demonstrable success. Together with our client, we develop an education or training program focused on the challenges the team faces on a daily basis. The content of the training or course consists of cases from daily practice that are approached with feasible and demonstrably successful solutions. Because of this, the Incompany Programs of the Sales Leadership Academy have a greater return and more influence on the success of your team.

Send an e-mail to ben.mastboom@salesleadershipacademy.org or better schedule a meeting directly here to discuss options.