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Downloads & Links following ThinkPrate's Podcast on ChatGPT.

In this podcast, we explain what ChatGPT can do for us as Sales and Marketers.

You will find links under this link to:

  1. A YouTube Video which might be a good "Speed Course" on the basics of ChatGPT and how to make sure you obtain, currently for free. a ChatGPT account to start experimenting.
  2. A link to a recent broadcast on BNR about ChatGPT's influence and concerns
  3. Ditto for a broadcast from NPO1
  4. One of the few quality reasonable YouTube Videos on "The Impact of AI on Sales and Marketing: Benefits, Drawbacks, and Best Practices of ChatGPT / GPT3.

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Know that during every Sales Leadership Academy Masterclass and Course at this time, the development of ChatGTP is included. And that together we will learn how you can put this revolutionary development into practice.

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