The why, usefulness and how of 'Your Sales Playbook' + an insight....

In going through the sales master classes and sales courses of the Sales Leadership Academy, you can create your own Sales Playbook. In other words, it will be "Your Sales Playbook.

A valuable gathering place that details each step within the sales process. A Sales Playbook that fits your market, company and you personally. You are free to place it in your own environment. To make it easy for you, we offer a Sales Playbook Template and environment in Microsoft OneNote. This is an environment that anyone with a Microsoft account, business or personal, can easily yet securely access.

Having a Sales Playbook provides the following opportunities to reduce risk, improve results, operate more easily and collaborate more pleasantly:

  • Overview of each step in the sales process to improve lead-to-order conversion rates
  • Capturing and securing (sales and marketing) knowledge to build on
  • Sales professionals can be more easily coached to excel
  • Dramatically accelerating the "ramp-up-time" of "new hires" within the sales and marketing team
  • Easy to link with your own CRM system or other IT systems
  • Easily and selectively accessible to colleagues as needed
  • Everything organized in one place and fully customizable

We would like to explain a few things in the videos below, before you can navigate through 'Your Sales Playbook' in a 'view only setting'.

Video 1 of 2: 'Your Sales Playbook' - Why you want this and especially NOW!

Video 2 of 2: A somewhat more comprehensive explanation of the usefulness of a "Sales Playbook


To access a partially filled (template) of "Your Sales Playbook" in Microsoft OneNote, you need to complete the following three steps:

  1. Make sure you are logged into LinkedIn. This allows us to verify that you are "real.

  2. Sometimes it is also necessary to be logged into your Microsoft Office account.

  3. Click on the image below or here to access a "view only" Sales Playbook template within Microsoft Office OneNote.