Welcome to our "Special Benefits Program!

Enjoy exclusive benefits as a course participant, in-company client or alumni of the Sales Leadership Academy | Business School and the HAN University of Applied Sciences.

Our internationally accredited postgraduate Sales Masterclasses and Sales Training programs have produced countless successful graduates who are now market leaders. In recognition of your achievements, we are proud of our distinguished alumni and offer you a range of exclusive benefits linked to your status.

(This also applies to alumni of HAN University of Applied Sciences who have completed the Senior Account Management or Sales Management courses).

These benefits may include, for example, payment of your annual SMEI Prolongation Fee, automatic membership in the Sales Leadership Academy Presidents Club, free access to personal coaching sessions and interesting discounts for others and, of course, for yourself.

Read on to learn more about what status you now enjoy and how you can take advantage of all the opportunities, which you deserve.

Silver Status

You have taken the first step towards greater success and are participating in one of our practice-oriented and flexible internationally accredited postgraduate sales courses or individual master classes.

Know that you are already entitled to the following benefits:

  • As alumni of a master class, you can always join again "for free": to pick up some knowledge again. When you join online, this is completely free of charge. When you join physically, we only charge you the location fee.
  • Referrals: Refer someone to us and earn for yourself an extra coaching hour worth €200,- excl. VAT when he actually registers. Your referral will also receive a 10% discount on the base price of a training or master class. So give yourself and someone else a present. You may of course use the coaching hour for one or more topics of your choice. Also know that your coaching hours remain valid for life, so you don't have to use these hours immediately.
  • Discount* on your next enrollment. Enjoy a 10% discount on your next new enrollment.

Gold Status

You have already completed one or more master classes? Then you enjoy additional benefits compared to Silver Status.

Below is a summary of these benefits:

  • 'Free' Incompany Masterclass: you may host one of the masterclasses you have already completed at a location of your choice. This is because you are enthusiastic about the content of the masterclass. You would like to share the insights gained from them masterclass with your employees or colleagues.
    Why is "free" in quotation marks? Think of it as a kind of barter. You as alumni of the master class in question, arrange the location, screen, lunch and/or dinner, coffee, soft drinks, any refreshments and other necessities for a good master class. We as Sales Leadership Academy change the location of one of the "open enrollment" physical masterclasses already scheduled to your location. Conditions are; that the location is relatively close to the original planned location; the number of your colleagues, who may participate for free is not more than 25% of the total number of participants the Sales Leadership Academy brings.
    We will then start an hour earlier if you wish, so that you can present your company and who knows where this will lead. So it's a kind of Incompany master class with the big advantage that your colleagues also get to see how other professionals from other sectors are in the race instead of just having each other as a frame of reference.
  • 20% discount* on an Incompany Online Compact Masterclass of max. 2 hours: You would like to share your previously obtained insights from a completed masterclass with your employees or colleagues. For example at the beginning of a sales meeting, after which after the online masterclass and after a break, an After-Masterclass-Session takes place. During this After-Masterclass-Session you will discuss what you, as a team, want to put into practice from the insights and best-practices. As alumni of this master class, you are perfectly capable of leading this After-Master class session in the right direction. We will also give you suggestions on how to do this. Optionally, the teacher of the online master class can be booked by the hour to participate (online) during the after master class session.
  • Up to 20% Discount* on your next new enrollment: instead of 10% discount, you can get as much as 20% discount on your next new enrollment. How does this work? When you click on the LinkedIn profile of your teacher, for example that of Ben Mastboom or on our Google company page leave a warm recommendation, you get 5% extra discount on your next registration on top of the 10% you already have. When you do this both on LinkedIn and also on our Google business page, the discount increases to 20%.

Platinum Status

Congratulations, you have successfully completed one of our internationally accredited postgraduate sales courses at the Sales Leadership Academy or the HAN.

This gives you not only the benefits of Gold Status, but also the following additional benefits:

  • You will receive a 20% discount* on: obtaining your International Recognized Sales Register Titles through the Sales Leadership Academy should you not already have these titles. The titles of the world's largest and oldest Sales and Marketing Association are considered very valuable for (future) employers, clients and other stakeholders. Being allowed to use this protected title shows that you go that little bit further than your fellow professionals. With a sales register title you are not only educated about sales in the international arena, but also that you as a professional are demonstrably better informed about new developments in your field. With a protected Sales Register Title you have committed yourself to obtain at least 12 PE points (permanent education points) every year to prolong your title with SMEI. 12 PE points is the equivalent of 12 additional educational hours per year. (These points do not necessarily have to be obtained through the Sales Leadership Academy). If you do not renew your title each year, you will no longer be allowed to use these protected titles.
  • We will pay your SMEI Reinstatement Fee: In case you previously obtained your title but did not renew it, we will cover the SMEI Reinstatement Fee of 350 US Dollars. For this you have to attend two 6-hour physical master classes with us, which you have not attended before. But you will get a 20% discount on that!

Diamond Status

You belong at the absolute top. You have obviously successfully completed one of our internationally accredited postgraduate sales courses at the Sales Leadership Academy or the HAN. You have also obtained and still hold the SCPS or CSE title. In addition, you have graduated Cum Laude. (Which means you obtained a final average grade of 8 or higher and no other grade was lower than a 7.)

In addition to Platinum Status, you are then also entitled to the following:

  • We pay your annual SMEI Prolongation Fee: each year you wish to renew your earned SCPS or CSE title, we pay the renewal fee. To do so, you must have earned at least 6 of the required 12 PE points with us through participation in paid sessions.
  • You are automatically a member of the 'Sales Leadership Academy Presidents Club': under this banner we organize Mastermind sessions of about 4 hours each time 4 times a year. Here we discuss business and personal topics with each other and listen, coach and give each other ideas to tackle challenges. Afterwards, we have a nice dinner together. The cost of participating in these sessions is calculated on a cost basis.
  • Enjoy 2 hours of free personal coaching each year: these 2 hours are separate from any coaching hours to which you are still entitled.

* Discounts cannot be stacked.

If you would like to learn more about this "Special Benefits Program," schedule a 1-on-1 meeting with Ben Mastboom via this link.